Schools Near Parks in Morris County, New Jersey

[Assignment 13] The map below depicts schools in Morris County, NJ (including public, private, and charter schools) and parks in Morris County, NJ with the goal of using buffer analysis to determine how many schools are located within 1 mile of parks. In Morris County, there are a total of 224 schools and 27 parks. Additionally, 49 of these schools, or approximately 22%, are located within 1 mile of a park. An important side note regarding the NJ parks data used in this map is that I believe this data does not actually contain all parks in New Jersey because there are parks in Morris County that I know of (such as Hedden Park and Brundage Park) which are not displayed in this map. Therefore, there are probably a lot more than 27 parks in Morris County and the percentage of schools within 1 mile of a park is likely much larger than the results of this map reveal.

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